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Royal Queensland
Lamb Awards

The Royal Queensland Branded Lamb Awards discover the nation’s finest lamb in the retail market. For a country that adores its red meat and produces some of the finest lamb in the world, this competition is a true showcase of the best of the best. 

The competition includes MSA and non-MSA Branded Lamb across three classes – 20kg or under; more than 20kg; and restaurant trade more than 24kg. The meat is judged on tenderness, flavour, juiciness and overall liking, while a chop is cut off before being cooked for visual judging. 

In this year’s lamb show, Chief Judge Elaine Millar will once again lead a team of expert judges, including food consultants, food journalists, top chefs from award-winning restaurants and celebrated butchers. All products entered in the competition must be 100% lamb and commercially available in the Australian domestic market at the time of judging. Multiple entries per class are permitted, however, the exhibitor must clearly identify a difference between each entry during the entry process. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your products judged at the highest level, by some of the nation’s top judges in the 2023 Royal Queensland Branded Lamb Awards. 

Join us in celebrating Australia’s finest produce and benefit from this unique branding opportunity that delivers excellent exposure to consumers as well as your industry peers. 


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