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The RNA’s prestigious Royal Queensland Awards (RQA) — formerly the Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show — is a celebration of the nation’s finest produce and producers. As one of the most prestigious food, wine and beer awards in Australia, the RQA is dedicated to unearthing the nation’s top food, beer and wine products year after year.  

Since 2009, the RQA has nurtured innovation and excellence in the Queensland and Australian food and beverage sectors by providing a comprehensive food, wine and beer awards program which helps Australian producers benchmark and promote their products.  

There are eight competition sections in the RQA — Cheese and Dairy; Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbet; Branded Beef; Branded Lamb; the Royal Queensland Wine Awards (RQWA); the Royal Queensland Beer Awards (RQBA); Royal Queensland Distilled Spirits Awards (RQDSA) and the Royal Queensland Aquaculture Awards (RQAA).

Whether you are an emerging or established business, the RQA is your opportunity to celebrate your product and business’s innovation, sustainability and excellence, reach new markets and maximise branding and exposure opportunities. 

The RNA’s mission, since 1875, is to celebrate and champion the essential role that agriculture plays in our everyday lives. We do this by showcasing and rewarding those judged the finest in their fields through our revered RQA competitions and the iconic and beloved Royal Queensland Show.  

For 147 years, we have given Australian food, wine and beer producers a platform to shine, be judged against their peers and get great consumer market exposure. From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, everything starts with our farmers — what better way to pay tribute to Australian producers than these prestigious industry and consumer-facing competitions?

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